About Us


Pinks and Leys is proud to be one of the largest florists chains in the Philippines, powered by florify. 


Philippines's Official Florist 

Pinks and Leys is an online flower store powered by florify, where we have 2000+ flower and gift arrangements. We deliver nationwide. Pinks and Leys was born with its motto of "Fresh, Fast and Fair." The company's goal: is to provide Philippines customers with superior quality gifts at much lower prices.


How Does Pinks and Leys Do It?

It's a formula that worked and still does. Firstly, the company buys products directly from growers and suppliers. This arrangement eliminates the wholesalers (middlemen) from the equation, which greatly decreases costs and provides a fresher product for you, the customer. 


The next step was to market, sell and prepare the products through Pinks and Leys's production facilities strategically located in Metro Manila Pasay city. Customers can order flowers and gifts online, on the phone, or through a live chat with the Pinks and Leys team of dedicated customer service staff. This ensures a more efficient and professional experience for every order. Having its production facilities to prepare and send your order carefully means Pinks and Leys can provide a better product and on-time delivery to more locations coast to coast. 


At Pinks and Leys, we believe that sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture that evokes many sentiments, no matter the occasion. That's precisely why we do everything to make it special.


We understand that when you're buying flowers online, you want everything from payment to delivery to be reliable no matter what the occasion. So, you'll be relieved to hear that when choosing the best flowers, Pinks and Leys is committed to making it delightfully easy. From Same Day Delivery to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


What Makes Pinks and Leys Unique?


When you choose Pinks and Leys to send flowers across the Philippines, you know they will look stunning when they arrive. Here are just some of the things that we do to ensure this:


•Every order gets individual attention: Our dedicated team of florists makes every single order in our florist 

• We're a team of high-pedigree florists: Our florists are award-winning and expertly trained; they design and make all our bouquets and arrangements by hand. They pride themselves on delivering quality and service, and only the best will do for our customers. A lot of love and skill goes into every design, making sure it is perfect and selecting only the freshest blooms.

•We take quality very seriously: Our head florist checked all our floral bouquets and arrangements before being placed in a van with one of our friendly drivers. They will carefully hand-deliver your order to the lucky recipient.

After all, sending flowers someone's way is all about the experience. The 'WOW' factor, as we like to call it. When you place an order via pinksandleys.com  there are sure to be oodles.

Pink Roses 24 Kraft Jute


(14 Reviews)

Miss You Around Here!

₱3948.75 ( $ 78.34 )

₱5614.25 ( $ 111.38 )


(10 Reviews)

Praying For You

₱4545.45 ( $ 90.18 )

₱5879.25 ( $ 116.64 )

10 PINK Gerbera Korean White Maroon


(29 Reviews)

You Are Special

₱2630.75 ( $ 52.19 )

₱3332.75 ( $ 66.12 )

Black Gold (12 Pcs)


(6 Reviews)

You Complete Me

₱6300.45 ( $ 124.99 )

₱8160.75 ( $ 161.90 )

MIX Carnation Korean Maroon White


(4 Reviews)

I Adore You

₱2630.75 ( $ 52.19 )

₱3332.75 ( $ 66.12 )

Red Roses 36 Kraft Jute


(8 Reviews)

I Am Impressed

₱5703.75 ( $ 113.16 )

₱7720.25 ( $ 153.16 )